The Hunter Reborn R. Richardsson


Published: May 3rd 2013



The Hunter Reborn  by  R. Richardsson

The Hunter Reborn by R. Richardsson
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The battle against Draegan was won. With the help of my friends, Id finally avenged my great-grandfather of the atrocities he had committed. At long last, it was over. All that was left was to find where he had hidden my family.I felt so strong, so powerful. In just a few short minutes, I had done what those before me could not.Decades of battle had hardened me against the horrors Ive witnessed, but nothing would prepare me for what came next.They were gone. Brutally taken from me, one by the hands of Draegans henchmen, the other by the hand of Death- a monster not even I could stop.For the first time in ages, I was alone.

First my sister, then, my wife and son, and now my closest and dearest friends- all were gone. I failed them. I may have defeated the monster, but I have also thrown away everything for the sake of my own personal war.What more is there for me to live for?

Whats left for me to believe in? Just as my will begins to slip away, so too does my belief in the divine creator who once bound my lineage with his sacred charge.-John Rizzerio

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